... Creating an automated system that GENERATES INCOME for you 24/7.

... Earning REAL money EVERY TIME you appear on a podcast, radio show, TV segment, or are featured on a blog.

... Finally being able to confidently share your brilliance, knowing that whenever or wherever you appear, you CAN COUNT ON $1,000 (or more!) hitting your bank account.  

If this sounds too good to be true, we thought so too.  

Until we created and implemented... 


THE $1,000 FUNNEL is our proven, 3-step, automated system for generating $1,000 (or more!) from EVERY visibility opportunity. 

And, it's called THE $1,000 FUNNEL because EVERY TIME I appear on a show, I generate ~ $1,000 in IMMEDIATE income.

And, now, for the first time ever, we're not only sharing PRECISELY what we do and how we do it... We will build YOUR very own $1,000 Funnel FOR YOU!

That's correct. Our team will develop a high-converting, automated marketing funnel FOR YOU that your competition will drool over, the most talented professionals in your industry will attempt to model and, most importantly, you'll finally have EXACTLY what you need to crush it online and get paid EVERY TIME you're featured.  

This is a RARE opportunity to have the best-of-the-best work with you and BUILD FOR YOU... You provide the text, we do all the rest!

When You Say YES To Working With Us, Here's How We'll Get 'Er Done...  


We'll start your journey with FOUR, yes, FOUR 90+ minute 1:1 strategy calls. During these calls, we'll review your current offerings, where you want your business to go/grow, and design the precise $1,000 Funnel you need to take you there.


With your strategy in place, we'll shift to designing everything you need, including your lead magnet (PDF), landing page, thank you page, up-sell page and, even, social media & website ads to promote your offer! 


After you sign off and APPROVE everything we've created, we will then shift to TAKING CARE OF ALL OF THE TECH FOR YOU! That's correct, we'll get your $1,000 Funnel set up, integrated, tested and ready to rock!

Here's Everything You'll Receive...

(4) One-On-One 90-Minute Strategy Calls

Opt-In Page With Lead Magnet & Delivery

Thank You Page (Offer, Payment & Delivery)

Up-Sell Page Including Payment & Delivery!


Integration With Your Credit Card Processor

Integration With Your Customer Relationship Management System

Proven To Convert 5 Email Indoctrination Sequence

Up To 5 Images With Social Media Copy 

AND... A 6-month follow-up session to review your funnel's success and strategize your next steps! 

Yup. We provide the strategy, design and technological expertise you need to position yourself as the authority you are, quickly build your database, develop the ever-important know, like and trust factor and... MAKE MONEY whenever you share your brilliance will be done FOR YOU!

However... We can only do this for the first 30 people who qualify, as each buildout takes a significant amount of time, energy and resources for us to deliver.

So... If you want to put our team to work for you, you'll need to act NOW!


A Few Examples Of What We've Created.... 

Your Questions Answered 

Seriously... $1,000? EVERY Time You Appear On A Show?

Ok... In full transparency, the answer is 'sort of'. $1,000 is how much I generate ON AVERAGE from my appearances. If it's a BIG media outlet, I'll make A LOT more. If it's a small media outlet, I'll make a lot less. The amount you earn will absolutely depend on the reach of the visibility platform you're featured on. 

That said, $1,000 reflects the IMMEDIATE income generated from The $1,000 Funnel and DOES NOT include additional revenue generated from the sale of other products, programs and services (which can add up to THOUSANDS of dollars of additional revenue... PER LEAD!). 

How do I know if I qualify for The $1,000 Funnel?

You are an ideal candidate for The $1,000 Funnel if you are a coach, author, speaker, holistic practitioner, solopreneur or small business owner who is frustrated because you don't have what you need to monetize your visibility. In addition, you 'qualify' if you lack the understanding on exactly what to do to get folks into your ecosystem and how to put forth relevant offerings.

The $1,000 Funnel is NOT not a fit for you if you don't want to build a mailing list and generate revenue by selling products, programs or services online.

Who Is Building My $1,000 Funnel?

Short answer - The MOST qualified person I know... Kim Sutton... who is MY tech wizard. 

If you've witnessed one of my launches, visited one of my sites or sales pages, received one of my emails, seen one of my social media ads, or engaged with me in countless other ways online, Kim is my go-to magician. 

You will benefit from her YEARS of experience working with the best in the biz and I will also be working with her to build out YOUR $1,000 Funnel.

Translation -- Rest assured, we've got ya covered and you'll be in VERY good hands.  

Why Do I Need A $1,000 Funnel?

To be honest, you don't. I wouldn't put The $1,000 Funnel in a 'need' category. Food, air, water, shelter, love... those are needs. 

A $1,000 Funnel would definitely fall under the 'want' category. You should want to monetize your visibility. You should want to get paid (well!) for your expertise. You should want to be able to count on income being generated EVERY TIME a visibility opportunity arises. 

At the end of the day, revenue is the lifeblood of your business with visibility being a close second. To survive, you MUST HAVE visibility. Why not get paid for it? 

Do I need to have products or services to make this work?

The ideal $1,000 Funnel candidate has products and/or services ready to go. If you don't, we can direct you towards what to create during the strategy call so you can take full advantage of what The Funnel is designed to do. 

What Is The Investment?

Investment is ABSOLUTELY the right word. This is an INVESTMENT in your business... and, one that you'll be able to leverage for YEARS to come. 

I have two $1,000 Funnels in place (one for personal development, the other for online marketing) and I haven't touched either in years. Once your $1,000 Funnel is built, except for a few tweaks now and then, it's DONE... and will generate solid income for you for the foreseeable future. 

Having our team build your $1,000 Funnel for you is not inexpensive... but it is priced VERY fairly as just 5 appearances on good-sized media outlets will pay for our build (can you guess what the investment is? :) ).  

If you're unsure as to if having our team build your $1,000 Funnel is the right choice for you and your business, click the button below that says 'Speak To Our Team - No Strings Attached!' This is absolutely a no-obligation call and we'll only tell you to go for it if we absolutely believe that you will realize a meaningful return on your investment. 

Ready To Rock? Let's Do This!

OK Steve... Build My $1,000 Funnel For Me!

We look forward to building your $1,000 Funnel for you!

And, as always, my team and I fully stand behind our work... GUARANTEED. 

Let's rock! 

Steve Olsher